About Us

Byron Marine Limited was incorporated in 1992 to procure, convert and deliver a customised cargo and fuel carrying vessel for the Falkland Islands Development Corporation. The Company was further contracted by the Falkland Islands Government to deliver a coastal resupply and shipping service for 11 years, including the development of a regular sea-trade connection with southern Chile.

From 1997-2008 the Company extended its portfolio of maritime assets to include fishery patrol, fisheries research and logistics support vessels, delivering specialist services to the Governments of both the Falkland Islands, and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands. Recently the Company has diversified its business base to provide onshore logistics support services to meet opportunities emerging from oil and gas exploration.

Long Term

Byron Marine is a Falkland Islands company, that has rapidly grown from its ship owning and operating roots, into the leading Falklands O&G logistics provider. From the first exploration activity in this frontier region, Byron Marine has built a proven track record of delivering onshore and off shore services in the very demanding Falkland’s environment.

Byron Marine enjoys good working relationships with the Falkland Island Oil Operators, based on delivering client focused solutions.

“Despite the time constraints placed upon them, Byron Marine designed, constructed and delivered an excellent supply base facility, which considerably eased the size of the logistical challenges and was a significant factor in the success of the campaign.” (Desire Petroleum plc)

“Byron Marine have a “can do” attitude. They help solve problems quickly and due to their varied business base and connections and are able to respond to a variety of issues. The quality of their work is consistently of a high standard.” (Borders & Southern Petroleum plc)

The Company is well placed to work with future clients to identify, supply and deploy onshore and offshore assets in support of the hugely exciting business opportunities which lie ahead.

The Falkland Islands Government has agreed that the principle of Local Content should apply to Operators and main service contractors, to support and promote the up-skilling and re-skilling of labour, aid inward investment and stimulate wider business development across the Falklands private sector. Byron Marine welcomes this important policy initiative.

The Falklands is a challenging and hostile working environment; Byron Marine’s team comprises experienced O&G logistics and supply professionals, all committed to industry leading safe working practices.

Operators’ current offshore exploration and development plans will yield, for the Falkland Islands private sector, new and exciting business growth opportunities. Byron Marine is keen to remain at the forefront of this opportunity. The Company seeks strategic alliances and new business partners to aid its current success and its future development and growth.